You know when you watch/read/hear something that just strikes a chord with you, that makes you want to show everyone and say "YES, THIS! A MILLION TIMES THIS!!"?

and then we moved

I grew into a moody teenager in this house. I commuted to college from this house. I moved away from this house for a couple years only to move back in. I reconciled with my husband in this house. I brought my babies home from the hospital to this house.

Mohonk Mountain

In between fixing up the house and actually moving, we had a family vacation to one of the most beautiful places I have even been!

life lately

All the projects that we did part way, all the things we put on the "when we get around to it" to-do list, all of the "damn, that's DEFINITELY not up to code" stuff we have lived with and didn't care about but definitely care about now that people want money off for that crap... all that stuff needs to get done like yesterday. 

meal planning for dummies

I'm not going to buy a bunch of basil and use it for just one recipe. I figured there had to be a service out there that did my thinking for me. I mean, I'm not the only person out there who can't come up with a great dinner idea just by looking in my pantry. 

Living with Moms

As of right now, my little family of four lives in the upstairs of my Mom's house. I sometimes make self deprecating jokes about how I "still live with my mom" but unlike many, I don't really see it as a failure on my part (or my Mom's for that matter).